Closing of School Announcement

All schools and educational institutes across the country will remain closed starting tomorrow (March 18), until further order from the government. As we monitor the COVID-19 situation within the country and beyond, we would like to inform you that while it is all under control back home, the development globally is disconcerting. It is also the time when many Bhutanese overseas are returning home. As a precautionary measure, we would like to keep our children home until we are confident about sending them to schools and colleges. From the lessons we have drawn over the days, we are happy to know that closure of schools and educational institutes in four districts so far have improved parents-children relationship, and that parents have also been guiding children with their lessons, besides the welfare. Our teachers, on the other hand, have been as concerned and taking active role in ensuring our children are not wasting their time at home and sending assignments. They have engaged children and students using online means and technology. This is exactly what the government aspires. We hope teachers across the country, irrespective of government or private ownership, will make similar efforts.

source :PMO, Bhutan